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The Digital transformation is coming
Studies by Accenture and PwC show that the Insurance industry accepts that Digital Transformation has to take place.

For an insurance sector that last made an underwriting profit in 1994* the UK industry has a number of challenges:

  • Low margins
  • Threat from comparison websites and Insurance aggregators
  • Escalating value of claims and claims management costs
  • Combating ever increasing fraud
  • Lack of differentiation
  • Huge data volumes, data diversity and real time data
  • Legacy systems
  • Skills gaps
  • Need to implement new customer journey types
  • Need to embrace new technology and innovate

Changing consumer dynamics and expectations

  • Want convenience and low cost
  • Better customer service
  • Frustration at being charged for policy changes
  • Desire to engage using mobile Apps
  • Expecting more than just insurance
  • Generation Y/Z customers are digital natives
Introducing Inzura
Front end products
Dashcam - View Events ios flat
Integrated Dash Cam Insurance
Our solution does not require the Dash Cam to have a SIM card or costly mobile contract, significantly lowering costs to the insurer enabling effectively free or subsidised Dash Cams to be provided as part of the policy due to their significant cost savings

Insurers have a full suite of data to start managing a faster and cheaper claims process using Inzura’s Dash Cam Insurance solution:
  • Access to accident video files within seconds without any user intervention
  • Telematics data which provides second-by-second driver behaviour leading up to an accident
  • Smartphone images from the accident scene recording vehicle damage taken by the policyholder using Inzura’s ‘Accident Reporter’ image analytics solution.

Photo Based Digital Insurance
Photo based digital Insurance
Inzura provides innovative solutions that integrate Smartphone photos for policy verification and fraud detection that are user friendly for the policyholders and create instant valuable for the insurer. The exponential growth of Smartphones enables Insurers to exploit the power of these devices and the expectations of users to use Apps as the key channel for customer engagement.

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Dynamic Image Analytics
Inzura's image analytics software enables insurers to use pictures captured from Smartphone cameras to be integrated into their system workflows
Image Analytics capture key information from the photo and convert it into Meta-data, which is uploaded into the Insurer database to validate the key policy data covering:

The image data is checked against existing records created when the policy was set up, either online or via a call centre agent. We help identify fraud at the earliest point the insurer interacts with a new customer i.e. when a new policy is purchased.

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Insurance Telematics UBI
Insurance Telematics / UBI
Inzura's innovative Telematics core software engine & algorithms are the most advanced in the market and presented to the Driver in a user friendly App.

The Driver Data Analysis Engine translates 1 second GPS data into discrete data relating to how a driver has performed during a trip. Multiple trips over a specified aggregation period produces scores, which will define a drivers long term driving style as well as their risk profile. This overall profile provides the insurance underwriter with factual data to defining and analyse accident risk.

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Customer Retention
Customer Retention
Insurers need to find new ways to keep their existing customers to avoid the constant 'customer churn' driven by customers using aggregators and comparison websites to find lower premiums. Digital insurance at the App level is the catalyst for Insurers to drive customer engagement, retention and the potential to reduce customer support costs. Using our Driver profile scoring we help Insurers identify those policyholders that deserve recognition and rewards.

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Insurer Dashboard
The Inzura solution meets today's requirements for 'Big Data' providing a full suite of management and exception reports with detailed analysis and reporting down to individual users, trip data and scores.

Our 'Big Data' solution is also be used to determine when and where coaching and tips are targeted at young drivers to encourage safer driving to improve their profile scores and reduce premium costs.

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InzuraCore Platform as a Service (PaaS)
The Inzura offer is a cloud based Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. The service is modular giving full flexibility to address differing customers needs.

Today we have customers using only our Telematics software and others using the full product suite.

InzuraCore centrally integrates all the applications and components of the system using latest API software to ensure minimal systems integration costs whilst offering high levels of customization. Built for large customer requirements our platform is scalable reliable and offers availability expected for mission critical customer applications.