Integrated Dash Cam Insurance
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Integrated Dash Cam Insurance
Drivers are turning to Dash Cams to help protect their No-Claims history in the event of an accident; over half a million Dash Cams were sold in the UK alone in 2018. Insurers are keen to instantly secure FNOL and have access to any video evidence that helps to confirm liability, and to reduce claims handling times and claims management costs.
Inzura’s Integrated Dash Cam Insurance solution meets all these objectives, its great for the Insurer and its great for policyholders. Our solution provides the insurer with a rich suite of data which provides

  • FNOL (First Notification of Loss)
  • Access to accident video files within seconds without any user intervention • Telematics data which provides second-by-second driver behaviour leading up to an accident
  • Smartphone images from the accident scene recording vehicle damage taken by the policyholder using Inzura’s ‘Accident Reporter’ image analytics solution