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Customer Retention
Inzura's Driver Profile software provides data on a trip-by-trip basis, which the insurer can use to spot the safe, low risk drivers and reward them for safe driving.
Usage Based Insurance (UBI) is gaining momentum and is partly driven by the desire to win new customers and keep those that offer the lowest risk.

Insurers need to find new ways to keep their existing customers to avoid the
annual 'customer churn' driven by customers using aggregators and comparison websites to find lower premiums.

Using our Driver profile scoring we help Insurers identify those policyholders that deserve recognition and rewards, such as vouchers from marketing partners and discounts on premiums and other policy charges.

Inzura's solution equips the policyholder to fully manage their insurance policy. Digital insurance at the App level is the catalyst for Insurers to drive customer engagement, retention and the potential to reduce customer support costs.
Customer Retention